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Do you need to expand your existing SCADA or HMI systems but the cost per client machine is preventing from sharing the data with all the employees that need access?

With Complete SCADA you can easily connect to existing data sources and there is no charge for client applications. 1 or 1,000 client applications, there are no extra license fees.

Do you need to extend your data access beyond the control room?

Complete SCADA is designed to securely and efficiently transport data beyond the control room and across existing infrastructure to client applications and to existing business and enterprise applications or databases on your local area network or across the internet.

Do you need capabilities or functionality that is beyond the scope of your current SCADA solution?

Complete SCADA provides you with 15 features to choose from and with the power of Microsoft Visual Studio you can easily add any functionality imaginable.

Do you need a SCADA product provider that is responsive to your needs?

We hear you! Many of the features and enhancements provided in Complete SCADA come from customer requests. We don't make you wait 6 months to a year for a major release to get the features you are looking for.

Do you need a SCADA product provider who can not only sell you the SCADA Software but also provide you with targeted training and application assistance?

Open Automation Software has a full trained staff of engineers and service providers with decades of experience in developing SCADA systems in numerous industries that are available to assist you in developing your application.

Starting from Scratch?

Complete SCADA is the right choice for you. Scalable, Reliable, Flexible and cost effective there is no better solution.


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